SKP school


At SKP School, we inspire all our children to learn, hope, dream, appreciate, create, innovate, excel and contribute. The School also inculcates in every child, love for the rich cultural heritage of India and a commitment to serve the Community and Nation.  We have been trendsetters and most importantly, Podar has been among the first schools to offer Electronic Whiteboards, Projectors with interactive softwares to their students.

Brain development is not just limited to academic skills, in the first 6 years a child’s brain makes millions of connections on which depend the child’s future development – emotionally, socially and intellectually. These early years cannot be ignored and we at Podar are proud to be experts as all our programs are developmentally appropriate and based on Brain research.

Neuroscientists have now confirmed that the brain’s greatest growth spurt draws to a close around the age of ten. Podars have fine tuned the art of parenting and the teaching – learning process into a science which is beneficial to children, parents and the society at large.