Our Facilities :

1 Web site & Application :

We provide the website for the school so everyone can get more information about SKP school.
Also have glance about the facilities , school activities and contact details to explore more about our School.We have also application for android so parents and student can get notice or other information through applicaiton.

2 Music :

The school provides equitable access to music and all the benefits that can be gained through its learning…

3 A/C Class room :

Having a proper air conditioning system helps reduce heat and humidity, thus increases our ability to perform and complete work tasks.The lower temperatures that air conditioners create can help reduce dehydration as they lessen the likelihood of excessive sweating.

4 Play ground :

Safe playground environment stimulates students’ minds and allows for their cognitive, physical, and social development. In fact, outdoor play areas provide children with rich opportunities to grow, learn, and develop.

5 Cctv :

Increasing incidents of negligence and crimes violating the innocence of children have raised numerous doubts and questions in the minds of every parent, every responsible citizen. The need of the hour is to ensure our children are safe and feel safe all the time.

6 Jawahara Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam Preparation 

We have do preparation of Jawahara Navodaya Vidylaya Entrance Exam Preparation .